Green Land Tours Ethiopia: Your Tour Guide in Ethiopia

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Interview with Dario Morello, CEO of Green Land Tours and Hotels (Ethiopia)

What is your overview of the tourism industry in Ethiopia and the outlook for 2014 and beyond?

Tourism in Ethiopia has been growing in the past few years. Previously, Ethiopia was not very well-known in the tourism industry but for the past year or so, the private sector and the government have been promoting Ethiopia in different trade fairs and internationally. As a result, it has become more known and tourists are coming and going back to their countries and giving good reviews of their visit. We hope it continues like this and we are very confident that 2014 will be a good year.

Can you give us a brief history of Green Land Tours and the type of services that you provide to your clients?

We started 16 years ago and we are a tour operator based in Addis Ababa. We increased our products not only in Ethiopia but also to neighboring countries. We have many different kinds of tours in Ethiopia, as well as Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, South Sudan, and Djibouti. We have our own offices in each place and we have marketing offices in Europe, among which are now in Italy and London.

You said you’ve been in business for about 16 years. How has the tourism industry been evolving in recent years?

It has been evolving quite well over the past years. I can say we have had a four or five percent increase each year. There are many tourists coming from Europe and the United States and some Asian countries like Japan have been doing well over the past years. I think the growth is constant growth which is very good.

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