The ‘miracle leaf’ in the market

MoringaAddis Ababa, Ethiopia - In the past couple of weeks many people have started to mention a name, ‘Moringa’ and whenever they talk about it is like they are trying to unleash a hidden mystery.

Did you hear about the new plant? Oh you should try the juice of Moringa, it strengthens your bones; it is very rich in calcium. Or you should try to loose weight using the juice.

So many uses are associated with the plant. This is not also the surprising thing but people have developed their own direction of usage where they consult and give advice to others on how to use it, including information about its side effects.

Word of mouth taking the lion’s share, there are also vans that have posters of the Moringa plant and promoting the usage. Since many urban dwellers express their day-to-day thoughts through social media, there are also those who have started to enlighten people and share what they know on their statuses.

Now, since it is a trend, it is also easily available in different super markets and small shops around Mercato where they sell 500gm for 80 birr.

Said Jemal also confirmed how popular it is from one of the shops around Mercato,  especially since last month, he says claims he has more customers now.

He also knows the benefits of the plant and tells the new customers, but many of them already have information when they come.

Packed in a plastic package and its labeling clearly written, a gram of Moringa provides seven times the vitamin C of oranges, four times the potassium of bananas, four times the fiber of oats, 14 times of the calcium of milk, nine times the iron of Spinach, two times the Vitamin A of carrots, and two times the protein of yogurt.

It is a food that contains ninety nutrients and forty-six antioxidants. Read more