Tecno Brain held its Annual Business Conference

Techno BrainAddis Ababa, EthiopiaTechno Brain held its first Annual Business Conference in Addis Ababa from December 9th to 11th 2012 at the Hilton Hotel.

The conference was attended by several high profile company representatives engaged in information technology and related businesses.

At the press conference held on December 10, Manoj Shanker CEO of Techno Brain said that the conference would provide a platform for ICT players in Ethiopia to exchange best practices in the industry with the view to enhancing the current landscape.

The IT company went operational in Ethiopia over two years ago and has been working on several projects in the country such as the introduction of a Call Center for Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA) to support tax payers, provision of Core Banking system for Ethiopian Airlines Credit Union members and provision of training and efficient system development for private sectors.

“From the day Techno Brain started operations in Ethiopia, we have set a new standard in IT technology business in the country,” said Mekonnen Tesfaye, Country Director of Techno Brain Ethiopia.

The company is also currently working on modernizing driving licenses in Ethiopia using finger print technology. “This system will eliminate the possibility of forged drivers’ licenses resulting in a decrease of the frequency of accidents. There are a lot of people driving around the country who shouldn’t be doing so,” said Mekonnen. He also stated that the project of modernizing driving licenses is 50 percent complete and will be implemented soon.

Manoj Shanker“Ethiopia has a huge IT market; it is also a fast growing market, but as in all things, there are some challenges with things like infrastructure. As an IT company we depend on the internet to send and receive different software and it has been difficult,” said Manoj.

Techno Brain also stated that it is in the process of establishing a Research and Development Center in Ethiopia soon. “The company already extends 1,000 scholarships for IT training worldwide, and now with the upcoming Software and Development Center here in Ethiopia, it is our aim to give young people who want to work in the IT industry to really cultivate their potential,” said Mekonnen. “Our company we believe is very different in a way that, wherever we decide to open sub offices, we always make it a point to hire local people,” the Country Director also commented.

Techno Brain currently has 60 employees in Ethiopia. It was also stated that the company is the first to become ISO certified in Ethiopia.





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