Borg El Arab Stadium, Alexandria

Borg El Arab Stadium

Borg El Arab Stadium is a must-see attraction for sports fans heading to Egypt. Situated in the coastal city of Borg El Arab, just 15km from Alexandria city centre, it is the largest stadium in Egypt and the 27th largest in the world. Boasting a capacity of 86,000, this all-seater stadium is used for major football matches and other events.

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Enjoy Egyptian and International Football at Borg El Arab Stadium
Opened in 2007, the Borg El Arab Stadium – also known as the Egyptian Army Stadium – was constructed by the Egyptian Armed Forces Corps of Engineers. The first event the stadium hosted was the 2009 U-20 World Cup opening match between Egypt and Trinidad & Tobago. It has also been used as a venue for Egyptian Premier League matches.

As well as the main pitch, the Borg El Arab Stadium also features two training pitches and a running track, and its facilities for spectators include 32 restaurants.

Source: Radisson Blu Hotel, Alexandria, Egypt 

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