African Mosaique coming soon

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Love fashion? Well, get ready for the biennial fashion and cultural gala, African Mosaique. This event will take place on January 4, 2013 at the Sheraton Addis.

African Mosaique is an event that promotes and celebrates African fashion and design. It will highlight 3 renowned African designers: Shaldon Kopman and Wetive Nkosi from South Africa, and Taibo Bacar from Mozambique.

South African designer Shaldon Kopman’s collection named, Naked Ape Summer 2013, is a multi-faceted compilation of all natural fibers in neutral colors with accents of warm red and bleached bone. It is stated that the line is inspired by the Nomadic lifestyle led by progressive Africans. The brand, Naked Ape, puts out the statement “Experience freedom this summer, breathe out, keep your feet on the ground, look to the sky and keep it real.”

Along with international designers, six established and emerging Ethiopian designers will also participate in the event to showcase their creative designs. The Ethiopian designers list includes Fikirte Addis, Mahlet Afework, Bethlehem Belete, Ruth Woldeselassie and Lilly & Zeze Yohannes.  Read more