The Negus: The Life and Death of the Last King of Kings

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - The fascinating biography of Hayla-Sellase I, last Emperor of Ethiopia, who dominated the African and world stage for much of the twentieth century. A thorough and complete portrait, buttressed by rigorous documentary research, but written with the style and pacing of a novel. The author, who is the most respected and well-known historian of Italian colonialism, was an eyewitness to the end of that era, and was personally acquainted with the “King of Kings.” The biography includes face-to-face interviews and exclusive documents collected by the author. 

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The Negus: The Life and Death of the Last King of Kings

Author: Angelo del Boca
Arada Books 2012
396 p.; 37 photos;
introduction by Richard Pankhurst
ISBN: 978-99944-823-9-9

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P.O. Box 28668 code 1000

Addis Ababa – Ethiopia