Netsanet Melese, Still going strong

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Many of Netsanet Melese’s fans believe that her singing style is enticing and her unique use of language is captivating. Netsanet is one of those singers with a unique voice and smooth grooves. Famous for her single Yilal Dodgeu’, Netsanet has spent three decades entertaining the public and say that music is still the best medium to express what she feels.

The former gospel singer says that music is a divine gift which is given to human beings. Her fans relate the lyrics with their life story and she does it fully immersed in her emotions. Recently, she did two singles, Furtuna, a song which tells about predestination in this world and Bye Bye. Now she has signed a record deal with Adika Events and Communications and is planning to release her new album ’Libén’ for Ethiopian New Year. She spoke with Tibebeselassie Tigabu of The Reporter about her new album and experiences.

The Reporter: It is been around three decades since you started music. Do you think your life is expressed in your music? And has your style of singing changed? 

Netsanet Melese: For me, the way I do music has always been different. I want to do music which not only entertains people but also educates to some extent. I do not write my own lyrics but sometimes I comment when they give me the lyrics. I do not impose or dictate the writers on what to write but I guess people are interdependent so the music might relate to many peoples’ lives or my life. What makes this album different is there is a song which is dedicated to my husband (laughs loudly). Read more.