New entertainment show Yegna to air next week


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Yegna (ours), a new radio show that uses art to create dialogues among the community and to aims at bringing attitude and behavioral changes concerning women’s right, is scheduled to be aired next Sunday.

Yegna drama follows the story of five very different girls whose shared love of music creates an unlikely, but strong, friendship. The girls go on to form a band, and each episode of the drama will feature a new song.

The first track from Yegna – ‘Abet’, features special guest star Haile Roots and is produced by Abraham Wolde. This week the music video shot to the top of the ‘most-viewed’ music clips on Dire Tube with 35,000 views the clip also garnered some 25,000 views on You Tube. Future releases have been produced by Abegaz Kibrework Shiota and will feature more stars of Ethiopian music.

An invite-only launch event will take place at the Ethiopian National Theatre on Wednesday 24th April, and will feature the first-ever live performance by Yegna.

Elements from the show will be displayed again outside the National Theatre for the public to enjoy on the evenings of Thursday 25th and Friday 26th April.

The radio drama will be aired next week where more than 500 university students are trained as Yegna ambassdors to facilitate a special radio listening program.

This program is initiated by Yegna Bet and is collaboratively done by Emerge, Mango Productions Ltd, and Deloitte Consulting. The program will run for three years.

The program is created and funded by Girl Hub Ethiopia, a strategic collaboration between the Nike Foundation and the UK Department for International Development. The budget for the program for four years and a half is 5.4 million pounds.

The radio show will be aired on Sheger and Amhara FMs on Sundays at 1pm and will rerun on Thursday at 5pm.