24-hour glee in Addis

By Aida Solomon

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Sometimes, being a newcomer in a big city like Addis Ababa can be overwhelming. Whether you are a foreigner to the country, or it has been a few years since you have been back in your native homeland, you may feel at a loss of where to go and see—especially if you are limited on time. Whether you are here on business, pleasure, or transit, there is a ton to experience in the capital of Ethiopia, all of which can even fit in a 24-hour time frame.

While tourists are usually pushed to higher-end neighborhoods of the city, every part of the city offers some sort of history, great food, and memorable souvenirs. So, as opposed to lounging in one of the city’s 5-star hotels for perhaps a more ‘familiar’ environment, try exploring every borough of the city to get an authentic and well-rounded taste of Addis.

Let us begin around 9 in the morning in the hip neighborhood of Bole. Arguably the most expensive part of the city, the streets are a mixture of stylish women, sharply dressed businessmen, and everything in between. As Bole has several sections within itself, we can start off with breakfast at the Kaldi’s by Edna Mall, located around Bole Medhanialem.

The trendy chain of coffee shops can be spotted all over the city. Known for their solid coffee, delectable sweets and sandwiches, Kaldi’s is a great way to start of your day. Offering various types of breakfast sandwiches and teas, start your day with a meal on the patio, where you can people-watch the various foreigners, white-collar workers, and housewives that pack the café. Read more.