Safeguarding National Parks & Heritage Sites in Southern Ethiopia

Southern Ethiopia (ENA) – Participation of the public is significant to safeguard national parks and historical heritages in South Ethiopia Peoples’ State, the regional culture and tourism bureau said.

Bureau Head, Zerihun Zewdie told ENA that the bureau has been striving to protect the Mago and Netchsar National Parks from human and animal contact.

The stated parks are administered by the federal government, he said, adding, efforts will be exerted towards development of the Gibe-Valley, Maze, Chebera Cherchera, Omo and Loka Abaya national parks in the state.

Zerihun also urged executives at all levels to mobilize the public in the efforts to safeguard the parks and heritages.

Tourism Parks Development Main Work Process Coordinator with the Gedeo Zone Culture and Tourism Department, Yoseph Maru on his part said awareness raising education was provided in the current Ethiopian year to residents in Yirgachefe area in the state, the area where Tututi stelae is located.

World heritage sites in Ethiopia include the Axum obelisks, Fasil Ghebbi, Harar Jugol, Konso Cultural Landscape, Lower Valley of the Awash, Lower Valley of the Omo, Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela, Tiya stelae and, the Simien National Park.