Ethiopia Football: St. George holds Mugher Cement to a scoreless tie

Saint George FC (Photo: St. George Website)

Assela – St. George FC, Ethiopian Premier League defending champions, held Mugher Cement to a scoreless tie here today.

The draw moved both teams one notch up from their previous positions. The Saints are now in 13th place with Mugher Cement occupying 8th position.

Since losing 3-1 to Dedebit in Week 8, the Saints have since then collected 8 of the 12 possible points in 4 matches. They got four of those points from away matches against Trans Ethiopia (1-0) and Mugher (0-0).

Although the Saints have shown improvements over the past few weeks, they are still a long way from the dominating position they held  last year. championship

Their two matches in hand involve a visit to Yirgalem to face Sidama Coffee next week, and they will host Harar Brewery in Addis on January 21.

EPL Remaining Fixtures for St. George & Dedebit FC:

Thursday, Jan 13, (Tir 5):

Addis Ababa: Dedebit vs Sebeta City

Saturday, Jan 15 (Tir 7):

Yirgalem: Sidama Coffee vs St. George

Tuesday, Jan 18 (Tir 10):

Addis Ababa: Dedebit vs Dire Dawa

Friday, Jan 21 (Tir13):

Addis Ababa: St. George vs Harar Brewery