Ethiopia Premier League Fixtures

Assela – As we have reported yesterday, the Ethiopian Premier League championship will be interrupted for the next 3 weeks so that St. George and Dedebit FC, who have 3 matches in hand, can catch up with the rest of the teams.

According to the league’s fixtures, defending champions St. George FC will travel to Assela to face Mugher Cement on Sunday while the Dedebit FC vs Adama City encounter, which was also scheduled to take place that day, has now been postponed due to the auto accident tragedy that Adama team suffered this past week.

Based on the league fixtures posted on Libro, the following matches will take place over the next 2 weeks:

Sunday, Jan 9, 2011 (Tir 1):

Assela: Mugher Cement vs St. George

Addis Ababa: Dedebit vs Adama City postponed

Thursday, Jan 13, (Tir 5):

Addis Ababa: Dedebit vs Sebeta City

Saturday, Jan 15 (Tir 7):

Yirgalem: Sidama Coffee vs St. George

Tuesday, Jan 18 (Tir 10):

Addis Ababa: Dedebit vs Dire Dawa

Friday, Jan 21 (Tir13):

Addis Ababa: St. George vs Harar Brewery