Dedebit FC & St. George to clash in Ethiopian Super Cup Final on Saturday

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia- Ethiopian Premier League champions St. George FC  will square off with Ethiopian Cup holder Dedebit FC  at the Abebe Bikila Stadium here on Saturday to determine the 2009/10 Ethiopia Super Cup winner.  

 When the two teams met in the Ethiopia Cup final this past June, the match ended in controversy and chaos. Dedebit FC was declared winner after the referee sent off 5 St. George players for various offenses, leaving the EPL champions with just 6 players.  

 FIFA rule states that a team has to have at least 7 players on the field. As a result, Dedebit clinched the title by forfeit.  

The decision enraged Saints’ fans and their efforts to invade the pitch were only prevented by the large police force present at the game.    

Following the June debacle, the two teams met once again this past week, where St. George defeated Dedebit 3-0 in the Addis Ababa City Cup Group B match. 

 List of Ethiopia Super Cup Winners 

1985    Brewery (Addis Abeba)
1986    Brewery (Addis Abeba)
1987    Brewery (Addis Abeba)
1988    Bunna Gebeya (Addis Abeba)
1989      no competition
1990    Brewery (Addis Abeba)
1991      no competition
1992      no competition
1993    Mebrat Hail (Addis Abeba)
1994    St. George (Addis Abeba)
1995    St. George (Addis Abeba)
1996    St. George (Addis Abeba)
1997    Ethiopian Bunna (Addis Abeba)
1998    Mebrat Hail (Addis Abeba)
1999      no competition (St. George won double)
2000    Ethiopian Bunna (Addis Abeba)    1-1 2-1 St. George (Addis Abeba)
2001    Mebrat Hail (Addis Abeba)        4-1 1-2 St. George (Addis Abeba)
2002    St. George (Addis Abeba)         2-1 1-0 Medhin (Addis Abeba)
2003    St. George (Addis Abeba)         1-0 5-0 Ethiopian Bunna (Addis Abeba)  
2004    Bankoch (Addis Abeba)            2-1 agg Awassa Kenema (Awassa)             
2005    St. George (Addis Abeba)         2-0 2-0 Awassa Kenema (Awassa)             
2006    St. George (Addis Abeba)         0-0 6-0 Mekelakeya (Addis Abeba)
2007      no competition (?)
2008    Ethiopian Bunna (Addis Abeba)    2-1 awd St. George (Addis Abeba)


Number of Titles

11 St. George (Addis Abeba; includes Brewery)

4 Ethiopian Bunna (Addis Abeba; includes Bunna Gebeya)

3 Mebrat Hail (Addis Abeba)
1 Bankoch (Addis Abeba)