Judo for Ethiopians, Judo is my home

Eritrean refugees displaying their judo skills during the handover ceremony (Photo: International Judo Federation)

Ethiopia is a relative newcomer to the international judo family, but the Ethiopian Judo Association has embraced judo, with all its might and is using the teaching of Jigoro Kano Shihan to create a better tomorrow.

If it is true that a long journey starts with a small step, this one began in Germany more than a decade ago, with the commitment of two dedicated martial artists: Sensei Johannes Daxbacher (IJF military and police commission) and Sensei Dr. Tsegaye Degineh (responsible for the creation of the Judo for Ethiopians project). They dedicated their time and energy to Kano’s philosophies.

For 10 years Judo in Ethiopia has been a powerful tool to support the youth and contribute to a more equitable society. Although the country may have not yet produced high-performance athletes, judo is running at its full potential with activities ranging from judo in schools, girls empowerment, coach training, promotion of judo in police and military, organising clubs to establish and strengthen associations and to closely work with the sport officials.

The latest development for judo in Ethiopia has been to embrace the IJF Judo for Peace philosophy, in order to promote the importance of peace and of building peace by presenting tatamis and judo outfits as a tool to help young people who are facing exclusion.

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