Joining hands to make Ethiopia post COVID-19 tourism destination

Tourists trekking, Simien Mountains National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ethiopia, Africa

Tourism, the smokeless industry, has not yet been well exploited in Ethiopia proportionally to its tangible and intangible heritages although promising undertakings are underway to beef up the industry. Basically, making Ethiopia to be the most preferred tourism destination is easy since everything is available at hand in abundance. What matters here is coordinating efforts and helping the nation reap the benefits of its resources.

A number of media outlets across the globe have been witnessing Ethiopia’s potential in the tourism industry. Most of them even acknowledge its sustainable potential even in the post COVID-19 era. The idea of Forbes Magazine is a case in point in this regard. It has recently forecasted that Ethiopia will become one of the major tourist attractions sites or best destinations in the world even in post COVID-19 era.

Out of the 54 nations that make up Africa, one can argue that Ethiopia has the most fascinating historic background as it was the second civilization on earth to adopt Christianity, the only African nation to defeat a European power in different battlefields and resist colonialism during the Scramble for Africa. It is also believed that our earliest human ancestors originated from this fertile region, the magazine stated.

As to the source, visitors to this unique country can find a truly diverse scope of natural beauty for a number of reasons: the western edges of the country are home to lush rainforest, which quickly gives way to the towering peaks of the Ethiopian highlands as one venture east; the rich history and spectacular natural sites in Ethiopia like the national cuisine-eating Injera using hand and other cultural experiences have a potential to attract more tourists to the country and many others make the country a preferred site even after the pandemic.

Sileshi Girma, CEO of Tourism Ethiopia, said that as tourism is one of the highly affected sectors and services by the pandemic, it needs to be provided with different supports like loan pay extension since a number of hotels across the nation have a 4-billion Birr bank loan payment every year and it is difficult to discharge it at this time.

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