Bekoji 100 Virtual Film Premiere


The Bekoji 100 short film explores the stories of Desta and Zabu, two adolescent female runners from Bekoji, Ethiopia who are supported by the Girls Gotta Run Foundation (GGRF). As they embark on completing the first-ever 100 mile, ultra relay race across Ethiopia alongside international runners and their GGRF teammates, they share their athletic ambitions and the trials they face as young women in their society.

About the Bekoji 100 Relay

On Thursday morning, January 10th, 2019, a historic run in honor of peace and women’s empowerment began in the Oromia Region in Ethiopia: 48 runners worked together to cover 100 miles embarking upon Ethiopia’s first ultra relay organized for and by girls and women.

The Bekoji 100 Ultra Relay and Short Film raised $30,000 to invest back in the GGRF Bekoji community. These funds continue to provide critical resources for the girls and their families to build a future of their choosing.

The Bekoji 100 Relay was made possible thanks to the kind support, contributions, and generosity of 4,852 people globally.

4,193 people ran the 2018 Ragnar Relay x GGRF Day of the Girl Pop Up Run supporting the Bekoji 100 Ultra Relay.

425 people donated to fundraising campaigns supporting individuals attending the Bekoji 100 in Ethiopia.

48 international athletes, GGRF Athletic Scholars, Athletics Federation athletes, coaches, GGRF staff, photographers, filmmakers, and Bekoji police escort ran the Bekoji 100 Relay.

164 GGRF girls, moms, and families in Bekoji celebrated and welcomed the Bekoji 100 Ultra Relay into their community.

22 individuals led the way in organizing this venture: GGRF Relay Trip Staff, GGRF Board Members, program partner staff members, Ragnar Relay team members, volunteer film team, Simien Eco Tours, leaders from the Bekoji Youth and Sports Office, and the Bekoji Women’s and Children’s Affairs Office.

Girls Gotta Run Foundation (GGRF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that invests in girls who use running and education to empower themselves and their communities.

Filmmaker: Alistair Wilson
Co-Directors: Alistair Wilson and Julia Hanlon
Co-Producers: Julia Hanlon and Kayla Nolan

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