The 5 Best Hotels in Ethiopia

5 Best Hotels in Ethiopia (Photo: Luxury launches)

Both tourism and economic development is rife in Ethiopia. It’s attracting a lot of affluent tourism, which is why the luxury hotel market is quickly on the rise. There is unique wildlife, culture and landscapes to be enjoyed in all of Africa, but Ethiopia is incredibly safe compared to most of its neighbours and boast a unique blend with contemporary infrastructure.

This doesn’t mean it’s the easiest holiday to book, so it’s necessary to be aware of a few things. Between June and September is their rainy season (National parks will close during this period). It’s important to take enough cash and presume the ATMs will not work – because most don’t! You will need a visa for Ethiopia, which can easily be completed online and is a simple process. It is also recommended to get the PHAC and WHO vaccines for Ethiopia.

Kuriftu Lodge
The Kuriftu Lodge is a health and beauty spot, designed to nourish the soul, provide peaceful surroundings with an abundance of birdlife, and provide great spa features. In fact, the whole of Bahir Dar is similar in this respect. It is a very green, palm tree-laden place. You can get a boat tour around a lake and visit the monasteries before heading back to the luxury Kuriftu Lodge, where you can get pool views for the same price as a standard double room. This will set you back around €170 per night for half board.

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