Religious Leaders Urge for Unity in Ethiopian New Year

Ethiopian Religious Leaders (Photo: ENA)

Addis Ababa – Religious leaders called up on Ethiopians to strengthen national unity and togetherness for 2012 Ethiopian New Year.

Several religious leaders have extended their New Year wishes to all Ethiopians on Wednesday, which as September 12th is the beginning of Ethiopian New Year.

Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, Abune Mathias, called on Ethiopians to avoid the evil and those pointless divisive acts and call the people to reinforce peaceful coexistence.

The Patriarch stated that “New Year leaving behind the damaging and unnecessary things that have passed. As the land is given for us to live together with love and affections, we need to avoid the old thoughts.”

President of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Council, Mufti Haji Umer Idris, said Ethiopians have to be ready for genuine unity, peace and stop evading deception in the New Year.

He added Ethiopians also should plan for rectify weaknesses, and stand united with a new spirit. 

Noting that unity is beauty and the source of Ethiopia’s power, the president called on government and people of Ethiopians strive for the best and prosperous year in 2012.

Berhaneyesus Souraphiel, Cardinal of the Ethiopian Catholic Church, urged Ethiopians to turn themselves to the New Year with a new hope.

Ethiopia is the only country in Africa with its own unique calendar, welcomes today the New Year of 2012.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency (ENA)