EFF Plans to Expand Ethiopian Premier League to 24 Teams

Addis Ababa –Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) has announced that it is planning to expand the Ethiopian Premier League to 24 teams from its current size of 16.

The EFF said that the 24 teams will be drawn in 2 groups. The 12 teams in each group will play each other on home and away basis.  

How the teams will be drawn geographically and how many teams from each group will advance to the next level to compete for the national title will be decided by the league committee in the next few weeks.

So, who are the 24 teams?

The 16 teams that took part in last year’s competition (16):

  • Mekelle 70 Enderta
  • Sidama Buna
  • Fasil Kenema (Fasil
  • Kidus Giorgis
  • Jimma Aba Jifar
  • Hawassa Kenema
  • Welaita Dicha
  • Bahir Dar Kenema
  • Ethiopian Buna
  • Welwalo Adigrat University
  • Adama Kenema
  • Dire Dawa Kenema
  • Suhul Shire
  • Mekelakeya
  • Debub Police
  • Dedebit

The Top Finishers (3 groups) of the Super League (3)

  • Welkite Kenema
  • Hadia Hosanna
  • Sebeta Kenema

The Second-placed Teams (3 groups) in Super League  (3)

  • Legetafo Legedadi
  • Medin (Ethiopian Insurance)
  • Arba Minch Kenema

The 2 best 3rd placed finishers in the Super Group (2)