Kuriftu Resort & Spa Opens Ethiopia’s First Water-Park

Kuriftu Water Park (photo: Kuriftu Resort & Spa)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia –A water-park built by Kuriftu Resort & Spa in Bishoftu town, Oromia regional state, was inaugurated today.

The park, which has water playgrounds, swimming pools, 123 shops and three banks, is the first of its kind in East Africa. Built on 72,000 square meters of land, the park created jobs for 1,000 unemployed youth.

The park will have its own contribution for the growth of the country’s tourism industry, according to Tadios Getachew, owner of Kuriftu Resort & Spa.

The park will have 12 facilities designated for different recreational activities such as two water houses, a boomerang slide, a spiral slide, a wave pool, and performance center. The water wave pool, which will host concerts and events with a lit-up stage, in addition to its beach-like features including the sand.

The village, where the water park is built,  will also be home to 200 shops.

Kuriftu currently has five operational resort and hotels in Bishoftu, Bahir Dar, Afar, Langano, and Adama and in Moucha Island, Djibouti. The company has started construction work on two other sites: Gheralta Resort, located in the mountainous parts of Tigray and Burayu Kuriftu Africa Village in the Oromia regional state 

Source: Fana Broadcasting & Addis Fortune

Kuriftu Water Park (photo: Kuriftu Resport & Spa)