Ethiopia Premier League to conclude on Sunday

Fasil Kenema


Mekelle 70 Endarta
Sidama Bunna

Fasil Kenema, Mekelle 70 Endarta & Sidama Bunna will fight for league title

The 2018/19 Ethiopia Premier League Season will conclude on Sunday with three teams fighting to win the coveted title.

With just one round of matches to play, Fasil Kenema and Mekelle 70 Endarta seat at the top of the league with 56 points each, however the former has a +12 goal advantage. Creeping just one point behind them is Sidama Bunna. 

Fasil Kenema will travel to Adigrat to face Sehul Shire, Mekelle will host Dire Dawa Kenama and Sidama Bunna will entertain Welwalo University at home. 

Week 30 Fixtures – Sunday, July 7, 2019 (first named team will play at home)

Hawassa vs Dedebit

Kedus Giorgis vs Wolaita Dicha

Ethiopia Bunna vs Mekelakeya

Sehu Shire vs Fasil Kenema

Adama Kenema vs Bahir Dar Kenema

Mekelle 70 Endarta vs Dire Dawa Kenema

Sidama Bunna vs Welwalo Adigrat University

Jimma Abba Jifar vs Debub Police

Meanwhile, the 3 teams that will be relegated are: Debub Police, Mekelakeya &  the 2012-13 Champion and last-placed Dedebit while the 3 teams that are promoted to compete in the 2019/20 Ethiopia Premier League will be: Sebeta Kenema, Wolkite Kenema and Hadia Hosanna.

2018/19 Ethiopia Premier League Table