Ethio-Germany Player Pursuing Football Consultancy

Born in Germany from an Ethiopian father and a German mother, David Beshah used to play in for different teams in Germany. He came to Ethiopia in 2013 and signed for Ethiopia Coffee FC playing for two years but an early injury has led him to stop playing football.  Before he came to Ethiopia, he had finished his football management diploma in Germany. The former Ethiopian national team and Ethiopia Coffee player is now working as an agent for players and studying football consultancy. David is also trying to scout various Ethiopian players who are living abroad. Recently, he has scouted around 40 potential foreign-based Ethiopian players and suggested them to the Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF). However, the EFF was unable to respond to the offer for the last ten months. Dawit Tolesa of The Reporter caught up with David Basha to discuss his career, expertise and other pertinent issues. Excerpts:

The Reporter: When did you come to Ethiopia for the first time?

David Beshah: Before I came here, I was invited by the Ethiopian national team. So, I already saw the potential and that is why I have decided to come here. I think at that time, I was the first one who came to play here. Everybody was trying to go to Europe to play football but I came back. I also wanted to work on football here after my career.  I then started my own consulting company. Its main purpose was to consult clubs and the federation specifically on financial matters and on ways of generating sponsorship. It deals with financial sustainability. I realized the federation and the clubs were not following sustainable ways of securing funds and running costs. What I was basically trying to do in these three years was consulting on these issues. Furthermore, I was also consulting on food and nutrition. Apart from that, I was Gatoch Panom’s agent when he was playing in Russia.

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