Music Composing Business Blooms, Despite Hurdles

Abel Paulos (photo: Addis Fortune)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – For a young man, born and raised in a military family, a career in the music industry may be unimaginable.

Abel Paulos (Nadew), a music composer, has air force officers as a father, Paulos Getachew; and grandfather, Getachew Nadew (Gen).

Born in the Kasanchis Menharia area of Addis Abeba, Paulos completed his primary education at Lideta Cathedral and his high school at Bole High school. Upon graduation, he joined Mekan Eyasus Seminary Jazz School, where his career was determined.

“I would have had a military career if I weren’t a composer,” said Abel.

Joining the music industry 12 years ago, Abel has so far produced seven albums and more than 60 singles.

Teddy Afro‘s popular songs Mar Esketuaf and Mematsene and Tsedeniya G. Marqos‘ new album Yefker Girma are works by Abel that have been well received by audiences.

Abel sees the business of composing music booming in Ethiopia with the advent of new composers, musicians and technology.

Previously, music composers produced music by playing in bands and through long hours of practice, but technology has made such efforts obsolete.

Abel composes music without formal training and with the skills he acquired through experience. When he first started composing, he produced modern tunes but soon realized that his audience prefers Ethiopian melodies.

Abel uses keyboards, bass guitar, saxophone, drums, masinko (traditional violin) and washint (flute) to compose his music.

To compose a single song, Abel might take up to seven days.

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