Great Ethiopian Run Announces Change In Race Venue

Addis Ababa, November 7, 2018 – The Great Ethiopian Run announced that the 2018 TOTAL Great Ethiopian Run will see a change in venue due to an emergency meeting called by the African Union (AU).

Accordingly, the start and finish spot of this year’s race will take place at Sidst (6) kilo’s Yekatit 12 Monument.

It will start at the historical Monument six kilo going to Menelik Hospital; Kebena; British Embassy; Shola market; Adwa; Aware market then to Parliament heading to Arat (4) kilo to be finalized at Sidst kilo.

The 2018 TOTAL Great Ethiopian Run will be held for the 18th time the coming 18 November.

The race starts at 8am in the morning with the Athletes completion leading to the Green wave start at 8:55 am and Red wave start at 9:00am, according to the organizers.

Source: Fana Broadcasting