Eritrea appoints Semere Russom as Ambassador to Ethiopia

Ambassador Semere Russom (photo credit: Eritrean Press)

Asmara, Eritrea – President Isaias Afwerki has appointed the current Minister of Education, Mr. Semere Russom  as Ambassador to Ethiopia, according to Information Minister Yemane G.Meskel.

Semere Russom, age 75, began his professional life as a teacher. He traveled to the United States as a student at the University of Oklahoma, but terminated his studies in 1976 to serve in the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front.

After Eritrea’s independence, he served as Eritrean Ambassador to the United States and Canada. Afterward, he continued his career in public service as Director of European Affairs in the Eritrea Ministry of Foreign Affairs until 2001.

After the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he becomes the Mayor of Asmara and the Administrator of the Central Region of Eritrea.

In April 2007 he was appointed to head the Ministry of Education.

Semere will retain his Ministerial rank.

Source: Eritrean Press