Ethiopian Athletes Set Course Records in Dubai Marathon

Mosinet Geremew winning the Dubai Marathon (Giancarlo Colombo)

Mosinet Geremew of Ethiopia only got into the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon at the eleventh hour, and it was a last minute surge in the finishing straight which ensured that he would emerge the victor in a highly competitive men’s race that saw him win in a course record 2:04:00, with the top six finishing within 15 seconds, and the top seven under 2:05, the highest number ever in a marathon.

The women’s race was equally competitive, with Roza Dereje winning in 2:19:17, another course record, with the top four finishing sub-2:20, another first. Geremew and Dereje both won $200,000 for victory in this 19th edition of this IAAF Gold Label road race.

Dereje Breaks into Top-10 All-Time
Dubai Marathon course record for Roza Dereje (Giancarlo Colombo)

The women’s race turned out the way guest of honour, marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe described her favourite manner of winning, which is to say with a negative split.

What might be called a sedate 70 minutes-plus for the first half ensured that there was a group of over a dozen women still in contention. Although two of the race favourites, three-time former winner and course record holder Aselefech Mergia, and 2015 world champion Mare Dibaba had both gone by then, last year’s surprise winner Worknesh Degefa was still in contention with a look of intense concentration on her face. That would propel her to fourth place, some two minutes faster than her winning time last year.

Leading results:

1. Mosinet Geremew, ETH, 2:04:00
2. Leul Gebresilase, ETH, 2:04:02
3. Tamirat Tola, ETH, 2:04:06
4. Asefa Mengstu, ETH, 2:04:06
5. Sisay Lemma, ETH, 2:04:08
6. Birhanu Legese, ETH, 2:04:15
7. Seifu Tura, ETH, 2:04:44
8. Yenew Alamirew, ETH, 2:08:56
9. Mekuant Ayanew, ETH, 2:09:20
10. Berhanu Teshome, ETH, 2:10:27

1. Roza Dereje, ETH, 2:19:17
2. Feyse Tadese, ETH, 2:19:30
3. Yebrgual Melese, ETH, 2:19:36
4. Worknesh Degefa, ETH, 2:19:53
5. Haftamnesh Tesfay, ETH, 2:20:13
6. Gelete Burka, ETH, 2:20:45
7. Dera Dida, ETH, 2:21:45
8. Desi Jisa, BRN, 2:24:05
9. Sembere Teferi, ETH, 2:24:11
10. Muliye Dekebo, ETH, 2:26:52

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