Ethiopia to Conduct Second Phase of Hotel Star Rating next year

Addis Ababa – The Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT) is setting the stage to conduct the second phase of hotel star rating next year. So far, the hotel operators have met with officials of the ministry to discuss difficulties in requiring timely measures. During the first star rating program, conducted two years ago, some 365 hotels have been starred and only 167 have received official ratings. Addis Ababa alone has 80 hotels starred and only six hotels including Sheraton Addis found to be five starred.

Many operators are found to be non-compliant to fire control standards, hygiene and sanitation requirements, and the like. Hotel operators argue that they are having hard times in relation to securing plot of land for expansion projects, lack of skilled manpower, tax incentives and the like. According to Meaza Gebre-Medhin, state minister of MoCT, there are 50 local assessors trained and skilled to commence the upcoming star rating process across the country. 

Source: The Reporter