Bishoftu Eyes Crater Lakes to Attract Tourists

Addis Ababa -September 30/2017 – The town of Bishoftu, a resort town known for its crater lakes, aspires to become a tourist destination.  The abundant trees in the town and the green vegetation around the lakes make Bishoftu an ideal resort for a trip.

The town located some 42kms to the south-east of Addis Ababa; the capital of Ethiopia, is working to utilize this potential to increase local and foreign tourist flow and stay. 

Bishoftu is home for five crater lakes including Hora Horsedi, Bishoftu, Babogaya, Kuriftu and seasonal Lake Cheleklaka. These lakes offer breathtaking beaches and green vegetation.

Alemu Gonfa, Town Deputy Mayor told ENA that the town administration is working to develop these lakes, surrounded by unique beauty and breathtaking scenery, so as to make them more accessible to visitors.

Lake Hora is reputed for water sports and scenic beauty, bird species inhabiting the area including cormorants, hammer crops, ducks, geese kingfisher, paradise flycatcher, herons, shrikes and sun-birds.

It is also known to be the place where the annual thanksgiving festival of the Oromo people takes pace.

Currently, Babogaya is the most accessible lake to visitors with its wide lake side area, which is busy on weekends by visitors. There are hotels serving on the lake side with a magnificent view of the lake.

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