Lewi Erects Another Resort in Wolayita

The company invested over 200 million Br to erect the new resort.

Lewi Hotels & Resorts Ethiopia expands to Wolayita Sodo, 312.3Km from Addis Abeba by erecting a new resort. The investment capital amounts to 200 million Br, according to the management of the company.

The resort will be inaugurated in the first week of November 2017. For the first three years, the resort was constructed by own forces of Lewi Resort. But later on, Lewi Construction, a sister company of Lewi, took over the project after its establishment last year, according to Elnay Wondifraw, shareholder and managing director of Lewi General Trading Plc.

The resort is expected to create job opportunities for 250 individuals.

Built on 35,000sqm of land, Lewi Resort Wolaita is a hospitality establishment comprised of 97 bedrooms, a pizzeria, meeting halls, and cinema.

“Our resort is built on the rationale of creating an environmentally and socially concerned hospitality industry,” said Mehari Mesele, sales and marketing executive manager of Lewi General Trading Plc. “Besides, it is architecturally designed to preserve Wolaita’s cultural identity.”

As part of its green investment attitude, the resort will use coffee, fruits and vegetables sourced from Lewi’s farms, according to Mehari.

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