Honeymoon best picks in Ethiopia for the ultimate memorable time

By Eden Sahle

During the wedding season and a time of celebrating togetherness, it’s best to put stress aside and pick the best offers out there. If you are looking for a life time memorable destination in Ethiopia; Jumia Travel rounds up the best and popular places for newlyweds celebrating their new life together.

Make your travel selfie fabulous while lounging at the refreshing lakes including at Langano where ducks get in your way trying to swim before you. Explore the finest honeymoon suites which are equipped with luxury and comfort including a perfect lake view, Jacuzzi, cozy king beds with free drinks and yummy dishes to start your day fresh and energized. These are just the tips of the iceberg to give you the glimpse of ultimate luxury that does not break the bank. Do not miss out on the best of Ethiopia; no matter your place of origin, Ethiopia has the best to keep your honeymoon one of a kind and also memorable with great picture to live by those charming days.  

From the adventurous destinations to refreshing lakes, historical places, parks, natural hot spring water saunas, there are a lot of adventures to experience in Ethiopia that will exceed your expectations. The dense green forests and grasses on the massive fields are perfect spots to plan future activities for honeymooners, as you enjoy the warm sun and the fresh air that comes from the forests.  

Ethiopia’s romantic vibe will keep you entertained while you keep on enjoying the endless adventures. If you are from abroad or from Ethiopia, it’s inevitable to have an exceptional adventurous time during the wedding season as the society and the culture glamorized weddings and newlyweds. Dive deep into this historical and cultural charming nation, visit traditional villages tasting their mouth-watering cuisines which made it from organic farm to the table. Do not miss out on the coffee delightful ceremonies that give romantic warmth to your honeymoon flavours. If you just like the international menu and yummy desserts you can find plenty of countries choices at the lavish hotels.

Abay Minch Lodge Bahir Dar (Photo: EthioVisit.com)

Ethiopia’s friendly weather gives you the freedom of choice without worrying about harsh conditions. Walk on the brown sands on the edges of the lakes in Debre Zeit, Hawassa, and Bahir Dar or catch a boat ride on the clear lakes playing with the pelicans and ducks who do not mind to swim next to boats. Going to the lakes during night time is also the best and romantic with the stars shining down on you and the campfires keep you warm to handle the fresh breath that comes from the lakes and the forests. It’s extremely rewarding to have picnic and candlelit dinners near to the lakes.

Aside from the pictures that will keep on reminding honeymooners their best time in Ethiopia, the souvenirs and jewelry shops are a must visit to have something to remember your honeymoon. The shops are loaded with gift items that you can make your own without breaking the bank.  If you are just a history buff and wants to visit ancient creations head to Aksum to see the massive obelisk and larger than life Lalibela churches or the ancient historical Fasiledes castle. No matter how extravaganza and special you want to make your wedding, Ethiopia offers you plenty of lavish options to pick from almost all of the regions and the major cities of the country.

Eden can be reached at eden.sahle@jumia.com