EPL Week 9: Addis Kenema 0 Fasil Kenema 2

Addis Ababa – Week 9 of the Ethiopia Premier League kicked off today with two mid-week matches taking place here in the nation’s capital.

The first match featuring Mekelakeya and Ethiopia Nigd Bank ended in a scoreless tie and the second match saw Fasil Kenema of Gondar (“Atsewochu“) scoring a deserving 2-0 win over the local side Addis Ababa Kenema.

Togolese Edom scored both goals for Atsewochu, which has now moved to 3rd place behind current leaders Dedebit FC and Adama Kenema. Considering that Fasil Kenema has one game at hand, they might even overtake the two leaders soon. 

The league will continue tomorrow with 5 more matches followed by Friday’s encounter between Woldia Kenema vs Ethiopia Bunna. Woldia will host Bunna at their newly built Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi Stadium.

Week 9

Wednesday, January 4

Ethiopia Nigd Bank – Mekelakeya 0-0

Ethio-Electric vs Adama Kenema 0-2

Thursday, January 5

Arba Minch Kenema vs Dedebit FC 

Ethio-Electric vs Adama Kenema

Jimma Abba Bunna vs Sidama Bunna

Hawassa Kenema vs Welayta Dicha

Kedus Giorgis vs Dire Dawa Kenema

Friday, January 6

Woldia Kenema vs Ethiopia Bunna


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