ETO prepares first phase tourism strategic plan

Addis Ababa –The Ethiopian Tourism Organization (ETO) disclosed that it has finalized preparation of the first phase of tourism sector strategic plan.

Jemal Kedir, Deputy Director of ETO, said the five-year strategic plan helps address problems in the sector.  

Moreover, it enables to identify the financial share required from the government and the private sector, to standardize tourist attraction sites and equip them with necessary infrastructures, he added.


The Growth and Transformation Plan 2010/11-2014/15 prepared and approved by the Federal Government of Ethiopia considered tourism together with culture as cross cutting sectors and set-up as strategic directions to enhance the role tourism and culture play in socio-economic and political development initiatives.

Considering the pace of growth of tourism arrivals and investment in tourism as well as the potential for further development, the new Growth and Transformation Plan for 2015/16-2019/20 has recognized tourism as one of the top five strategic economic sectors in Ethiopia. 


In 2013, the Government of Ethiopia proclaimed Federal Regulation 294/2013, which established the Tourism Transformation Council, the Ethiopian Tourism Organization (ETO) and the Tourism Board. 

  • The Tourism Transformation Council is chaired by the Prime Minister. Its role is to provide leadership and set directions for tourism development and marketing, remove major impediments, foster institutional collaboration and ensure implementation.
  • The mandate of the Ethiopian Tourism Organization is to enhance the benefits of tourism in a sustainable and competitive manner by mobilizing and providing leadership to the tourism sector and stakeholders towards tourism destination development and marketing.
  • The Tourism Board oversees the ETOs activities, provides guidance, reviews and approves work programs and budgets and evaluates the performance of the Organization.

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