Ethiopian Air Force hero General Legesse Teferra dies in Washington, DC

air-force-general-legesse-teferraWASHINGTON, DC – Retired Air Force General Legesse Teferra, the most-decorated fighter pilot in his native Ethiopia, died on Wednesday after losing a battle to Alzheimer’s.

General Legesse rose to prominence during the 1976/77 Ethio-Somali War in which he destroyed five MiG fighter planes of Somalia in an air-to-air combat, and later destroyed a sixth plane that was on the ground along with other enemy arsenal.

General Legesse was shot down and captured by Somalia in which he was held a prisoner of war for 11 years most of which time was in solitary confinement.

General Legesse returned to Ethiopia during an exchange of POWs, and was promoted to the position of Brig.-General, while he was decorated with the highest order for heroism.

While serving his country as an instructor at Debre Zeit Air Force base, the national hero was forced into exile when TPLF/EPRDF took over the reigns of power in 1991.

The General is survived by two children, Nestanet Legesse and Lulit Legesse.

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8 thoughts on “Ethiopian Air Force hero General Legesse Teferra dies in Washington, DC

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  2. He didn’t leave his country because of the rise of that political group. He left with his family because he was married to a diplomat who was stationed in Italy first then Switzerland.

  3. I remember that Ethiopian pilot his warplane was shot down in 1977 war and was captured alive by Somalia soldiers in detained LAANTA BUUR Prison 45km SouthWest of Mogadishu after long time in prison fortunately he was released after prisoners swap agreement between Siad bare and Mangistu haile Mariam he was good and polite prisoner as some people told me but I have no information four or six Somali warplane he was destroyed no is not true that war was mistake made by both leaders but its history business in Mogadishu port now reaches to Ethiopia

  4. Absolutely he was a hero, he did the most remarkable fight with the Somalia faschist, He will be engraved in our heart, FOREVER!!!

  5. So how old was he? Where was he born? Where did he go to school? etc. This is a poorly written obituary.

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