Enkutatash, a Flowery Ethiopian New Year


Ethiopia celebrates its new year annually, while the butter flowers or the yellow daisies shoot forth. Ethiopian new year is manifested by numerous attractive sceneries that see off the departing old year and usher in the new one. On the foot of the country’s mountainous, boasting of a vast array of endemic flora and fauna, full-year flowing huge rivers afford memorable trips to most corners of the nation. The piquant traditional, cultural and well established hospitality of the citizenry is also heartening.

Enkutatash, comes first on the calendar of cultural holidays which the present generation too celebrate. It is a manifestation of the nation’s diversified seasonal shows. It as well serves as an occasion nation and nationalities showcase their costumes,they put on this land mark holiday that opens another chapter.

For tourists, parallel to observing greenery and must-see natural events, it could be worthwhile to observe traditional ceremonies that attend this holiday. During this time it is mesmerizing observing exquisite butter cups, newly growing crops on the farm land and farmers engrossed in activities unconstrained by accidental rainfalls. It is also refreshing tuning to birds singing tune as if ecstatic in welcoming the sunny season.

The ground looks a green carpet bearing motley artificial flowers. It is interesting to hear child girls accentuate the event with melodious songs while they sing the new year song Enkutatash.

In this article, this writer tries to depict issues that revolve around the cultural ceremonial proceeding, feelings of individuals as well as memories of Ethiopian new year and tries to assess what it looks like. In addition to this, it also observes how people react to the new year social occasion. Enjoy Ethiopian New year.

“In my childhood days, I used to eagerly look forward to something special when a new year draws nigh. Those days are memorable and indelible.

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