The faces of Ethiopian Airlines – Captain Amsale Endegnanew

Captain Amsale Endegnanew
Captain Amsale Endegnanew (photo: Zachariah Abubeker)

First female captain

In November 2015, Captain Amsale made history for a second time, leading an all-female crew in a flight from Addis Ababa to Bangkok. The “daughters of Lucy” fully operated the journey, both on ground and in the sky — from supplying flight-deck and cabin crew to flight dispatchers, baggage handlers, air-traffic controllers and all the rest. The flight confirmed Ethiopian’s corporate conviction surrounding female empowerment for sustainable growth on the eve of the airline’s 70th anniversary.

Thoughts on becoming the first female ET captain in 2010: “I’m both happy and proud of the fact. I am especially happy that my achievement has drawn a lot of attention and reinforced the idea that women are capable of chasing and realizing their dreams through hard work, even in a profession that is traditionally dominated by men. “

Most exciting part about flying for Ethiopian:
“I have the chance to see so many places — places that it would have been difficult for me to see if I were not in this position, and places that broaden my perspective of the world.”

Source: Selamta Magazine