Gor Mahia defeats Kedus Giorgis

Kedus Giorgis vs Gor mahia (photo: soccerethiopia.net)
Kedus Giorgis vs Gor Mahia (photo: soccerethiopia.net)

Addis AbabaGor Mahia of Kenya defeated Kedus Giorgis 5-4 on penalty kicks here today in a friendly match organized  to commemorate the horsemen’s 80th anniversary.

The match ended 1-1 during regulations time.

The two sides actually met yesterday but were only able to play just 16 minutes before the referee was forced to stop the match and postpone it for today due to torrential rain that made the field impossible to play on.

Today’s match resumed at the 16th minute mark and it was Jacob Keli who gave the Kenyans the lead when he scored three minutes before half-time. Brian Umony gave Kedus Giogis a lifeline as he scored the equalizer on the 90th minute, but the joy was short lived as they lost in penalty kicks.

Note: Considering that this was an international friendly match and Kedus Giorgis is one of the most successful & best supported teams in Ethiopia, it is really discouraging to see so many empty seats in the stadium.