Ethiopia earns $800 million from Tourism sector in first quarter

Gondar Castles
Gondar Castles

Addis Ababa – Tourism sector has generated 880 million US dollars revenue in the first quarter of this Ethiopian fiscal year alone, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT).

The three month performance is an indication for the possibility to attain the 3 billion US dollars projected target in the budget year, Gezahegn Abate, Public and International Relation Director at MoCT said.

Owing to the establishment of tourism organization, the prevailing peace, expansion of infrastructures and promotional works, the revenue generated in the first quarter increased by 500 million US dollars compared to the 380 million US dollars obtained in the same period the previous year, he said.

More than 235,000 foreign tourists have visited Ethiopia during the past three months.

Some 734,000 tourist have visited Ethiopia last year and the number of visitors in this year is expected to hit 1 million.


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