2016 CHAN Qualifier: Burundi defeat Ethiopia 2-0

Walia CHAN 2016

Bujumbura – The Walias of Ethiopia lost 2-0 to host Burundi in the first leg match of the 2016 Orange African Nations Championship (CHAN) Central-East Zone qualifier.

Laurent Mavugo headed both goals for his team with the first one coming just two minutes into the game and the second in injury time.

The two teams will play the return leg match in Addis Ababa next week

The winner after two legs qualifies for the final tournament fixed for 16 January to 7 February in Rwanda.

The Orange African Nations Championship (sometimes referred to as African Championship of Nations or CHAN) is a football tournament which was first announced on 11 September 2007. It is administered by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and is played between the best national teams of Africa, exclusively featuring players who are active in the national championships and qualified to play in the ongoing season. Expatriate players such as Sileshi Bekele (Egypt), Salhadin Said (Algeria) and Getaneh Kebede (South Africa), who play in African leagues do not also qualify to take part in the African Championship of Nations.

The tournament is held every two years, alternating with the Africa Cup of Nations. The qualifying phase has taken place every even year and the final every odd year. From now on it has swapped years with Africa Cup of Nations.

The first tournament was held in 2009. It was hosted by Côte d’Ivoire and won by The Democratic Republic of the Congo. The competition was expanded to 16 teams for the second tournament, held in Sudan in 2011. The tournament was won by Tunisia, in the wake of the Tunisian Revolution.

Ethiopia will host the tournament in 2020


Goalkeeper: Tarik Getnet

Defenders: Seyoum Tesfaye (C), Salahdin Bargicho, Aschalew Tamene, Biruk Kalbore

Midfielders: Ephrem Ashamo, Gatoch Panom, Mulualem Mesfin, Ramkel Lok

Strikers: Dawit Fikadu (Mineyelu Wondimu) and Bereket Yisak


Arthur Mac Arthur

Kiza, Rashid, David Nshimirimana, Issa Hakizimana

Gael Duhayindavyi (C), Pistis Barenga, Abbas Nshimirimana,
Shassir Nahimana

Hassan, Laudit Mavugo


21 thoughts on “2016 CHAN Qualifier: Burundi defeat Ethiopia 2-0

  1. I just want to now the ethiopian coach how the teach for national team when the play at home the win a way lose this is big problem come on guys every time complan people

  2. talking is different than doing please, don’t disturbing the new coach to organize the national team, and to have successive team for next

  3. Who is a coach ,What he was told us , he was told us something good but still not done it so I would like to say let him leave the job we don’t like the person who is killing generation

  4. You guys, the so called ” sport journalists ” you need to understand the role of a coach. The Ethiopian Football Federation has already nominated Yohannes , as the principal coach for Ethiopian Foot ball Team and as such i think he very well knows his job description and his mandate assigned by the EFF. So let’s not bother intimidating his role by asking senseless questions ….I don;t know the hidden hole, but these days sport journalists are being replicated like the jungle rats and am very sure that except for some few ones , the majority are missing the professional values and i can say they are simply web-based Orators. In fact that is not knowledge, we don’t want a journalist who is telling us of Venger going for a short call when he feels it, ! Zat is being stupid and becoming totally submissive to something driven by illusion than being driven by rational thinking, total absence of mentality thought !!! Please leave him up and come to your true senses ! Shame on you !!

  5. Ethiopians are not suitable for football do not waste a time and money for football so, let all sports budgets transfer to athletics

  6. Sorry the walias come 1st 23 1700 hrs then our girls follows please work hard all both gender team and support each other’s God be with all of as.

  7. Nown something nice is come our beautiful and marvelous girls are ready to wipe our face with happynes on Friday 23 please support them it will a good luck start for Sunday game of the national team

  8. Hi guys listn many time ethiopian national team want striker like salehidn&getahane but when play at home this week ethiopia beat three zero am sure

  9. well, I found that Ethiopian National team needs concentration & lack of energy. in the meantime we need one or two strikers. we didn’t scored single goal why? any ways, I will expect more goas from this team.

  10. next week ethiopian national team will win 3-0.
    the main thing, the team has to focus for the upcoming african cup and world cup games. this team need good stricker like getanhe and saladin, middle, shemelese is good enough. the coach has to stop his propganda of getting new players, that takes long time. for the time being including adane, saldin and getaneh are the best exprianced players, give them chance to practice and let them play the games.

  11. Hi friends who are fond of Ethiopian Team, lets hope the coach can do better than other previous coaches we had before. He is encountering challenges before his control. He is just unlucky. Comparing him with Sewent does not make sense at all. Sewenet has a team of players who are by then at their top performance. That was the first time in history that our players had chance to play outside the country. The trick thing about football is the players’ performance level cannot be maintained for ever. Salehidn of the then is not the same today. Even when played in Egypt a few years ago and today is not the same in the clubs. The same is tru of Getaneh and others. Do not forget other players like Adane and Hintsa and others as well who were at their peak. None of them are now in this team. What does this inform us? The national football team building strategy has been either poor or none. Succession did not happen. What else can the new coach do except taking some time.
    Please lets give him time. Do we think if Sewent comes back to take he will be successful? Not at all !
    One more thing- I am sure a few of the players who are still at their good performance like Bekele may not be good as they are now next year or two years in the future. Lets give the coach to focus building his team searching talents from any where else in Ethiopia. That is what he is trying. Journalists – please keep your ” expertise ” with you for some time. Do not disturb boys at this difficult time. Talk does not help.

  12. Forget about this game no chan for our national team. I just want to say, next saturday ethiopia vs burundi will be 0-0.
    Now we need to work hard for african cup and world cup which is a mountain to climbe

  13. The National team needs psychological support to have that beleave they can win away they need to take the game as there work with accountability and responsibility also indeed enjoing it. Please dangerous time in soccer should be really consider and discussed and put in mind by the coach, capitan and the entire team.we need to stop crauding during that time in our dangerous areas.

  14. Give the new coach time to organize his team. He will make it if he implements what he thinks is right despite the ‘noise’around him! I liked his guts to make his own decisions against the odds.I know him from the time he was playing for Ethiopia and I have confidence about his committment to his country What he needs now is time and ‘critical’ support and not blame.

  15. I just want to ask the coach something. Why was he so confident? Why dissolved the team that played against Lesotho and Kenya? Why did he first of all drop the players who tried to play in Belgium – though they did not succeed? He knows that it was everyone’s dream. Doesn’t he now overcontrol or superiority kills players motivation? Because all think” neg bene”. He said that the team strength is – discipline. Do we still blame EBC sport journalists?
    There is something we lack. Because this team does not go any where unless the coach and EFF sit and discuss what should be donebefore too late. Even though our football status was not good, we have been far better than this.

    I am optimistic ,the result against Burundi can be reversed. But the problem is far beyond that.
    Best luck

  16. the teamspirt of this manager is completely diferent from sewinet’s team still there is alot of improvment for our team

  17. Ethiopia….We need a lot of things to get improve.
    Physical, mental and speed with accurate striking skill ……

  18. our away form needs improvement! over the last year, we have lost all our away matches, maybe our players need to overcome the mental discomfort of playing abroad. the boys have talent but it needs to translate in a result, if they cant improve their away form there is no need to qualify for major tournaments unless otherwise.

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