2017 Africa Cup of Nations: Ethiopia holds Seychelles to a 1-1 draw

Nelson Lawrence's penalty kick (Photo: DireTube.com)
Nelson Lawrence’s penalty kick (Photo: DireTube.com)

Victoria, Seychelles- The Walia Ibex of Ethiopia drew 1-1 with their Seychelles counterpart The Pirates in the second game of the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations Group J qualifier here today.

The two teams finished the first half 1-0 in favor of Seychelles thanks to a goal by Nelson Lawrence, who converted a penalty in the 24th minute.

The Walias leveled the score seven minutes into the second half after defender Seyoum Tesfaye scored the equalizer.

Ethiopia now has 4 points (+1 goal) from 2 matches

Ethiopia (4-4-2)

Goalkeeper: Tarik Getnet

Defenders: Walid Atta, Seyoum Tesfaye, Aschalew Tamene and Tekalegn Dejene

Midfielders: Gatoch Panom, Efrem Ashamo, Shimeles Bekele and Oumed Okri

Strikers: Salhadin Said and Getnet Kebede

The other Group J match featuring Lesotho vs Algeria will take place tomorrow in Maseru.

Ethiopia’s next group match will be an away match against Algeria on March 25, 2016.


16 thoughts on “2017 Africa Cup of Nations: Ethiopia holds Seychelles to a 1-1 draw

  1. Our team shoud be re-organize again & again. I have the same idea about a local football instade being fan of Europian’s football legues

  2. we are not happy, what is the problem this belongs to the federation,we are not lucky ,why not beat 10 Seychelles players, due to poor players we loose 2 points.

  3. I am not surprised b/c always there is a problem from the Ethio. Federation , they just did their needs ,they are not transparent for the people, so why not it to be… The Ethiopian football federation must run by Ethiopian football legends ! Why I prefer to see the English league always… If it continues with problems ,I’m sorry!

  4. ayeeee! 1- 1 with one of the weakest team in africa! same as somalia? what? walia might pass with Algeria, after that they will be come ” ye- goal gottera ” for the rest of other though african teams. in my opinion, walia should escape out of the games, or they should play good and score goals.

  5. I ashamed of our players!! What could be their justification about their poor performance by having number advantage at seyecheles game

  6. How could Ethiopian players be good players? Nobody cares about domestic clubs in Ethiopia. The whole country is going crazy over the British League. People know more about British players than their own children. Imo, the UK team tv broadcast should be blocked, and people should be encouraged to engage domestic clubs. Btw, Ethiopian players are physically fit; they just don’t know how to play the sport.

  7. “11 ethiopian players couldn’t win over 10 Seychelles players. So the title is correct .”

    Exactly the point why the title is wrong. You say “held” when you do well which the Seycheless team did exactly!!

  8. poor play by Ethiopians,poor defense. selhadin ourgecho should not have been sucked from the team due to the coach’s uncalculated decision. the coach is now paying the price of this humiliating result. poor performance by getaneh selhadin said. congratulation for the defeat and to coach yohanes

  9. We have 4 points not three….we won 1 and tied 1…
    Back in a days it used to be 2 points ..buy now it is 3 points for a win;)

  10. 11 ethiopian players couldn’t win over 10 Seychelles players. So the title is correct . We were lucky for not loosing. We love football but we have physically weak players. They hurt ethiopian image internationally

  11. I always say our team problem is physical fitness. Seychelles played the second half with only 10 men. No muscle =no professional player

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