Africa’s UNESCO Heritage Sites: Ethiopia & Morocco share top list


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African Golden Heritages

If your information about Africa is place of war and poverty, you have not seen the new Africa because it is no more a place of those two but a place of great adventure and history. Over a 100 UNESCO-designated heritage sites are present on the continent which portray unique and exotic destinations. Africa presents one of a kind incredible sights, monuments and endemic wildlife for an adventure of a life time. The continent continues to make new lists at UNESCO proving that you have not seen enough yet. recently conducted a research summarizing all the must-see African destinations.

Most Famous Heritage Sites

Famous heritages sites are spread across the African continent Ethiopia, one of the leading state parties with world heritage sites offer over 400 hotels at Jovago with best negotiated price rates. Tunisia has over a hundred hotels registered on the Jovago inventory to cater to the needs of tourists. Kenya, home to five heritage sites has over a thousand hotels. Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa with two heritage sites has eight thousand hotels.

UNESCO Top 6 Africa

Top 6 African Countries with Heritage Sites

Among the top six countries with most UNESCO heritage sites, Ethiopia and Morocco lead the continent with nine heritage sites while South Africa and Tunisia follow with eight sites. Egypt and Algeria also have seven heritage sites.

Shared Heritage Sites between 2 countries

African countries share world heritage sites taking you across borders. The Maloti-Drakensberg Park is shared by Lesotho and South Africa, the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve is shared by Ivory Coast and Guinea, the Stone Circles of Senegambia are shared by Gambia and Senegal and the famous Victoria Falls is shared by Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Certainly Africa’s endless destinations offer a lot to history buffs and travellers. From great weather conditions to hospitable societies and amazing‘s a must to see the marvelous continent where you would always want to come back.

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