Raising Ethiopian Children

Raising Ethiopian ChildrenThis unique book, written in Amharic, was specifically prepared to give valuable information to Ethiopian parents raising children in different cultures.

The book starts out by addressing the different challenges Ethiopian parents face when residing in a foreign society and raising a family. It goes on topic by topic addressing different issues and giving valuable information that is essential to parents.

Topics covered in the book includes

  • Common mistaken beliefs that most parents can have in relation to their kids
  • Raising happy and well-adjusted children
  • Important steps parents can take to help their kids succeed in school
  • Raising independent, confident, unique, and exceptional children
  • The unique challenges our kids encounter every day, in school and outside of school, equipping them with the skills that will help them to properly handle these outside pressures
  • Improving communication with our children. Handling cultural barriers between parents and children.
  • Things to remember in regards to disciplining our children
  • Instilling moral character in our children and helping them with their spirituality.
  • Proper ways to deal with a behavior and character mishap in our children and important steps parents can take to help their children to overcome such issues
  • Handling challenges at home
  • Useful resources (books, websites, 1-800 numbers) that are available for parents and children
  • Significant steps that our community as a whole can take to address the needs of parents and children.
  • In addition, different parents and children’s personal story and inputs are included in this book.

Gain important insights by reading this inclusive and research based book, that is specifically written to address our needs, as Ethiopians living in foreign countries.

About the Author

Hamrawit Tesfa

Hamrawit Tesfa is a social worker, currently residing in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. She came to the United States when she was a high school student and completed her education in Maryland, USA.

Hamrawit pursed her education and got her bachelor degree in social work from Eastern Michigan University and her masters in social work from The University of Michigan. Hamrawit recounts that she has always wanted to work in a field where she can directly deal with people in need. She also mentions that writing is her first love. She is currently working in the mental health field.

When asked what motivated her to write this book Hamrawit answers, “I wrote this book because I see that in our community we desperately need a resource for parents and children. Ethiopian children live in a time where they are exposed to so many unpleasant things. Ethiopian parents living in a foreign land have double the challenge because in addition to basic parenting skills, they must have an understanding of how to deal with cross cultural child rearing. So many parents and children are going toward a wrong path because of lack of awareness and resource. I am hoping that my book will contribute an important info to parents and also opens a pathway for our community to put more attention into this matter.“

Hamrawit is an avid speaker and travels across the country to cause awareness of issues affecting Ethiopian children and their parents living in a foreign culture and to also provide empowering speeches to encourage active parenting. She has also appeared and spoken in a variety of social Medias platforms.

To purchase the book and get more information, please visit Raising Ethiopian Children