Ethiopian Airlines clarifies news about ET 607

Press Release –

EthiopianAddis Ababa, Ethiopia – Ethiopian wishes to clarify distorted news, which appeared in some media, regarding a minor technical issue concerning Ethiopian flight number ET-607 of 14 April 2015 from Guangzhou (China) to Addis Ababa.

ET-607 on its way from Guangzhou (China) to Addis Ababa had a small technical issue and, as a safety precaution, made a stop in Mumbai to fix the minor issue. The issue was fixed on the ground but, after takeoff, it repapered and the aircraft returned to Mumbai.

Passengers were properly handled and were made to rest in hotels until the issue was fully fixed. Once it was fixed, the aircraft flew to Addis with all the passengers.

Ethiopian attaches the highest priority to the safety of its passengers and takes extraordinary precautions to ensure their safety at all times. The airline apologizes to its esteemed customers for the inconvenience caused by the delay.

Source: Ethiopian Airlines


6 thoughts on “Ethiopian Airlines clarifies news about ET 607

  1. ‘Anonymous’ flying to Swaziland is telling a total lie. I used to work for an airline and when this things happen passengers are rebooked with the airline expense even if they had to use another airline. So stop making lies. From the comment anybody can guess that you were never in that plane.

  2. Ground the plane and fix it, was also one of the passengers in Guangzhou/Addis flight ET607, I need a refund
    Cause I was enrouting to South Africa, and was made to pay extra fees for my ” my delayed flight”, cause my final destination was Swaziland which Ethiopian did not do anything to reimburse or refund me.
    I’ve decided to use other flights.

  3. hahahah….that’s funny because the same flight had same technical problems on 27 March from Guangzhou to Addis Ababa and we were told that the computer was not working.

    we had to stay inside a flight for more than 4 hours and it was very hot , we re sweating and no one tried to explain what was and any developments until we insisted with other arrogant nigerians that re wanted ourselves out of the flight.

    There goes again ET 607 on 14 April…..

  4. so what was the socalled ‘small technical error’? why not explain it fully? This not a boat. It should not been allowed to fly with passenger without being 100% sure. It smells fish! We have high standard for Ethiopian and they need to do better job than leave us on black?

  5. Thank you for caring about customer service, like airlines of the East. Unlike Western, especially US AIRLINES.

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