Sportswear giant Umbro endorse Adane & Aschalew

Adane Girma UmbroAddis Ababa, Ethiopia – Football giant sportswear manufacturer Umbro have extended their presence in Africa by making their way onto the football fields in Ethiopia.

Representatives from Umbro have identified two players to carry their brand into Ethiopia, as part of “commitment to supporting East Africa’s development and growth,” Umbro said in a press release sent to The Reporter.

Umbro selected St. George midfielder Adane Girma and Ethiopia Coffee striker Aschalew Girma for endorsement.

“Adane Girma is national iconic footballer of Ethiopia, and is very much the Heart and Soul of the team, which aligns well with Umbro’s brand positioning. With experience and exposure behind his name, Adane Girma will be an ideal ambassador for the Umbro brand in Ethiopia, and his never say die attitude has been noted,” the statement said.

“On the other hand, Aschalew Girma is an up-coming, exciting young prospect in Ethiopia, who will form part of Umbro’s youth development strategy,” the statement said.

Aschalew is currently ranked seventh in the top-goal scorers list in the Ethiopian Premier League with four goals.

“Aschalew’ is currently developing a good status in Ethiopia, and Umbro have planned to work with him, in what will un-doubtfully be a successful career in football,” said the sportswear manufacturer.

Each player will represent a different silo for Umbro, with Adane Girma wearing the Umbro Speciali 4 pro and Aschalew Girma with the newly released Umbro Velocita on his feet, which weighs 165 grams.

Adane, the former Hawassa city striker, said: “It will be an honor to endorse Brand Umbro” and feels honored to wear Umbro’s pinnacle kangaroo leather boot, which has been worn by the likes of Roberto Carlos, Michael Owen and Alan Shearer in the past.

Aschalew Girma is equally as proud to represent Umbro and stated that, “He looks forward to scoring goals wearing the lightest boot on the market’ and counted to explain the benefits a lightweight boot brings to his game.

Source: The Reporter