Tsgabu Girmay Becomes First Ethiopian Cyclist To Reach Olympics In 44 Years!

By Zecharias Zelalem

Tsgabu Grmay OlympicsIt is a landmark achievement that has not gotten the coverage it deserves as of yet. It is a big deal for cycling gurus in Ethiopia and the history of the sport in our country. Within the space of a couple of days, Ethiopian cycling has been able to take a giant leap forwards towards relevance and international recognition.

Tsgabu Grmay, who won the 2015 African Cycling Championship individual gold medal last Wednesday, thought he had set the bar high enough when he won the country’s first ever individual major accolade.

But yesterday, Tsgabu took part in the African Continental Cycling Championships Road race event in Wartburg South Africa, finishing in fifth place, behind a contingent of South African cyclists. But the significance of the finish wouldn’t be evident to him immediately, he would later realize he had accumulated enough points to qualify for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

Tsgabu’s prodigious growth saw him sign a lucrative contract with Italian professional cycling club Lampre-Merida in December. Within the space of two months he won the title of African champion. And now, thanks to his dedication and heroic exploits, he will become the first Ethiopian cyclist to participate at an Olympic games in 44 years.

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