Addis Ababa: A travel destination under construction


By Mette Sommer

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – These days it is inevitable not to feel the change in Addis Ababa. At every corner in the city, shopping malls or luxurious hotels are arising from the dust, which at the moment have turned Addis into a big building plot.

But of course there is a reason for all this: One of Africa’s most important cities are about to turn into a modern capital as well as a travel destination.

Addis Ababa is under a huge transformation. The builders are busy and the restaurants are trying new menus, and even though you as a foreigner you always will be amazed by the African impressions, you will during you stay at this time of Ethiopian development face even more fascinating experiences at the street.

Of course it is not only new buildings or the look-alike-western food you are going to meet. The culture and look of the city are about to change into a more modern place, in a pace which is hard to believe.

Also the infrastructure is changing with help from the Chinese. Though it causes some roadblocks and problems such as delays in the traffic it is going to be a new and much better road system. Also the new traffic lights which are showing up many places are going to make the traffic smoother and more western like. It will cause an extreme change in the Ethiopian way of driving but would make it safer and easier as visitor to get around.

Last but not least this is not only going to change Addis but the entire Ethiopia in general.

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