‘Tourist Hub’ Arba Minch Celebrates its Golden Jubilee

Arba Minch Jubilee

Arba Minch Town, located in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Regional State of Ethiopia, has celebrated the 50th year of its establishment.

During the Golden Jubilee occasion, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and various high government officials were present.

Surrounded by two major lakes, Abaya and Chamo, the town has multi-faceted cultural and natural attractions.

Located some 500kms from the capital Addis Ababa, Arba Minch is home of five nationals, Nechisar Park hosting various wild lives and a variety of fruits, fish and crocodile farms are some of the assets of the town.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said Arba Minch is a colorful town with various natural and cultural beauties.

He stated that the government has given special attention to develop the vast resources of the town.

“The celebration of the 50th year anniversary of the town that coincides with the government’s focus of attention to utilize the untapped potential of the region and has established Tourism Transformation councils at every level is encouraging. I would like to take this opportunity to call on private investors who are partaking in the resort and hotel development sectors to keep up their work in this beautiful town and express the government’s commitment to support their efforts,” Hailemariam said.

Mayor of Arbaminich, Shimeles Taddesse said for his part that the town has registered a remarkable growth especially over the past two decades.

According to the mayor the number of investors and tourists preferring the town is on the rise.

He added the natural attractions with its constructed resorts and hotels have made Arba Minch ‘tourist hub’ and a favorable place to hold national and regional conferences.

“We prepare to celebrate the 50 years anniversary of the town not just for festivity but with a goal to renew our commitment to complete our developmental works. It is with the objective of promoting the town’s level of development in the tourism, investment and the existing good governance,” he said.

Shimeles further said the coming generation should take a lesson from the past and become active in the development endeavor.

The town ‘Arba Minch’, which literally means ‘Forty Springs’ in Amharic language, has got its name from the 40 water springs in and around the town.