Ethiopian Ambassadors urged to promote country’s tourism attractions

Bahir Dar

Addis Ababa: – In a meeting between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and several Ethiopian ambassadors, the Ministry stated Ethiopian ambassadors should play a key role in promoting the nation’s culture and good image.

Minister of Culture and Tourism, Amin Abdulqadir, on the occasion said the ambassadors play a pivotal role in advertising the country’s tourist attractions and building a positive image. The minister added several initiatives by Ethiopian embassies and the Ethiopian Diaspora in organizing street exhibitions, trade fairs, community events, etc. should be strengthened.

Abdulqadir said in the first year of the Growth and Transformation Plan, the Ministry had planned to attract close to one million tourists to Ethiopia and earn as much as three billion USD. However, 724,000 tourists from several countries came and spent two billion USD.

The Ethiopian Tourism Enterprises plans to bring the number of tourist visiting the country to more than one million. The Ministry stressed the need to work closely with the ambassadors to promote Ethiopia’s tourism attractions.

Three archeologists present at the meeting announced that specie similar to human beings has been discovered in Ethiopia and the findings will be made public soon. They added, 11 out of 20 paleontological findings in the world have been discovered in Ethiopia, making the country a unique tourist destination.

Among the participants, Ambassador Ayalew Gobeze said in addition to attracting Turkish investors, his office is promoting the culture and history of Ethiopia.

Similarly, Ambassador Girma Birru, Ethiopia’s ambassador to the U.S.A., said the country’s infrastructure should be developed to allow tourists make the best out of their visit and boost the nation’s income. He added based on the comments made by tourists visiting, improvements should be made on roads, hotels, the services of tour guides and travel agents.

A large number of ambassadors and diplomats attended the meeting.

Source: ENA