Wine Explorers: The Vineyards of Ethiopia

Wines from Awash Winery (Pictures by Ludovic Pollet) -
Wines from Awash Winery (Pictures by Ludovic Pollet) –

By Jean-Baptiste Ancelot

Welcome to Ethiopia! A country of touching beauty where it feels good to be alive.

We just landed in Addis Ababa, the highest African capital, perched at 2,300 meters altitude. An amazing city in full cultural revolution and a living testimony of past civilisations. Ethiopia is known to be the strategic crossroad of Africa – almost all countries of the world have an embassy in Addis Ababa since it hosts the African Union and the United Nation Economic Commission for Africa. Some of you also know tedj, the Ethiopian honey wine flavoured with gersho leaves, similar to hops. But did you know that the country is home to an ancient wine producing culture, has two wineries producing together 11 million bottles and has been consuming wine since the beginning of the 20th century?

Awash Winery, the oldest estate of ​​Ethiopia

Awash Winery, which has been in existence for 70 years, is the oldest active winery in the country. This 117 hectares estate, which is situated majestically on a mountain plateau rising to 1,200 meters above sea level, will soon expand its vineyard planting another 180 hectares, alongside the existing vineyard.

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