Asham Africa, a New Hotel-Resort At Lake Bishoftu

Asham AfricaBishoftu, Ethiopia – Asham Africa Hotel and Resort, a new addition to the more than twenty facilities found surrounding the lakes in the Bishoftu town, 47km from Addis Abeba, was inaugurated on Saturday May 17, 2014, in the presence of officials from the Culture and Tourism Ministry and other dignitaries from the international diplomatic community and invited guests.

The hotel was built on 3,200sqm and has consumed 40 million Br to realise its targets to attract the middle class and the international community in the capital, just a drive away.

Asham Africa defined itself as a boutique hotel catering to a discerning clientele. With 32 executive rooms all with the view of Lake Bishoftu and a restaurant that can accommodate up to a hundred people the hotel will be able to host different events, according to sources at the company.

The name of the company, Asham, means welcome in many of the languages in southern Ethiopia, according to the brochure of the company.

Source: Addis Fortune