Kuriftu to Launch New 15 Million Br Lakeside Restaurant

Kuriftu Bahir Dar

By Hiwot Seyoum

Addis Ababa, EthiopiaBoston Partners Plc, who owns Kuriftu Resort & Spa, is inaugurating a new 15-million Br restaurant in Bahir Dar on a 5,000sqm of land near its existing property on the shores of Lake Tana in two months of time.

The building of the restaurant started two years ago, with a design by Bekur Studio. Bekur previously designed the Kuriftu Resort & Spa and the Kuriftu Ethiopian Traditional Centre, to be built on a 74,000sqm plot of land, adjacent to the existing Kuriftu Resort & Spa.

Boston has borrowed 4.5 million Br from the Construction & Business Bank (CBB) for the construction of the restaurant, which is expected to be completed by June.

“Although Bahir Dar admittedly houses several hotels and restaurants, they are not enough to cope with the growing demand of visitors and customers,” Tadios Belete told Fortune.

The restaurant will cater Ethiopian traditional foods, which will be cooked in a kitchen fully visible to the customers.  The main dining room will be 800sqm, lying in the centre of the compound which will have a garden of fruit trees, and 10 gazebos.

The new restaurant is located on one side of Lake Tana and on the left side of the main Kuriftu Resort. The restaurant has the capacity to serve up to 200 customers at a time.

Source: Addis Fortune